Yuzu Matcha Capsule(Nespresso Compatible 10pc)




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Yuzu Matcha Capsule(Nespresso Compatible 10pc) 柚子抹茶かプセル

World’s first Japanese Nespresso Compatible Capsule.

Origin: Blending Kyoto Matcha and 100% Yuzu Juice powder from Kochi make your own Yuzu Matcha at home with a touch of a button.

Uses: Enjoy 2 different ways: “koi-cha” (espresso shot), “usu-cha” (long yuzu matcha) both hot and cold. For cold simply add to a glass of ice.

Convenient, saves time, no need for traditional matcha equipment.

Flavour notes: Highly citrus (yuzu), yuzu aroma with a balanced strong bold matcha

Contents: 10 capsules per box

All capsules are dairy and sugar free, vegan friendly

Packaging is all recyclable

Please note: For optimal experience, rinse your Nespresso machine to clear of any coffee residue before Yuzu Matcha Capsule use.

NOT compatible with Nespresso Vertuo


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