Standard Plan

Standard Plan Benefits #

Foodnote.Plus Access #

Foodnote Plus is the ultimate destination for food lovers who want to indulge in exclusive deals, event tickets, and collectible offerings. Immerse yourself in a world of culinary delights as you receive first-hand information and access limited-time offers directly from our hospitality partners.

Foodnote.Pro Access #

Foodnote.Pro is designed for food and drink businesses looking to thrive in the industry. Connect with a community of industry professionals, showcase your offerings through engaging foodnotes, and leverage targeted marketing tools to boost your brand’s visibility. Stay ahead of the competition by accessing valuable data insights and staying informed about industry events and emerging trends.

Group-Buy Functionality #

Foodnote’s Group Buy-Function harnesses the concept of “Fission” to drive remarkable growth for vendors. By offering discounted prices on selected products for group purchases, vendors can tap into the powerful viral effect. Users are encouraged to form or join groups, resulting in rapid expansion and increased sales.

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