Multiplying Revenue Streams

To attract more repeat customers to walk through your doors

In addition to placing orders over the phone, your customers can now:

  • Access and subscribe to your news feed
  • Prepay for vouchers and event tickets
  • Book their next visits






Customers are interested in you when they are with you.

78% of restaurant-goers and bar patrons express interest in accessing a venue’s offerings, particularly updates on new menu items, promotions, and events, while at the establishment, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.


Encourage prepaid purchases for return visits.

Over 65% of customers appreciate the option to prepay for vouchers and event tickets, enabling them to plan and budget well in advance. Furthermore, access to a news feed with updates on upcoming events and special promotions significantly influences their decision to buy prepaid tickets.


Organise meetups with semi-known individuals for dining or drinks.

Over 70% of individuals seek to arrange meetups with like-minded peers rather than dining alone. With Foodnote’s community and booking system, users can confirm small interest-based groups to meet at partner venues. This leads to establishments expecting multiple visitors and increased sales.

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Done-for-you Email Campaigns

Get more professional design and strategic email campaign approaches on behalf of you on a regular basis to leverage customer insights and transaction data. Achieve consistently over 40% open rates, translating into more engaged customers and purchases.

Google Review Optimisation

 Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive Google reviews. Unsatisfied customers are encouraged to share negative feedback directly with the restaurant via Foodnote platform instead.

This approach effectively reduces negative reviews on Google and allows restaurants to respond proactively by sending courteous apology emails to address any unpleasant dining experiences.

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